DORA inspects many things and investigates even more.

FNS encourages reviewers to interview households in their homes. A home visit can be important in determining whether the household lived at the address given. A. home visit also enables the reviewer to make visual observations of pertinent living circumstances. The State agency determines the location of the face-to-face interview in most cases. For most reviews the interview may take place at:
  • A systematic method of measuring the validity of the SNAP caseload;
  • A basis for determining error rates;
  • eligibility or State agency liability for excessive error rates (sanctions)
  • The household's home;
  • The appropriate certification office; or
  • A location that is mutually agreeable to both reviewer and household
  • A timely, continuous flow of information on which to base corrective action at all levels of administration; and
  • A basis for establishing State agency eligibility for enhanced funding for state agency 

Inspection and Investigation Offices (or locations inspected)

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