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CORE infoAdvantage Reporting Unit:
Master Procedures Manual

Reports, Universes & Migrations

01 - Report Creation - Statewide

The following is the process the infoAdvantage Unit will follow in order to develop new Statewide reports.

  1. A new report request is sent to the infoAdvantage Unit via the support helpdesk mailbox at
    1. An infoAdvantage Team Member validates the request and verifies that the request:
      1. Is for a report with a Statewide scope; a report format that can have a value-add for multiple Cabinets
      2. Is not for an existing report
      3. That the request is technically feasible, such as making sure that the requested dimensions are reportable objects within the Colorado ecosystem
  2. After the request has been deemed original and valuable for Statewide development, an infoAdvantage Team Member will:
    1. Investigate what existing report most closely resembles the report that must be created. A decision is made based off of the scope and breadth of needs for the new report, focusing on an originating Universe first.
      1. If no report exists, the infoAdvantage Team Member will start an adhoc development, picking only the Universe. 
    2. If an existing report can be used as a foundation, the infoAdvantage Team Member will copy that report to their "work area" / favorites folder within infoAdvantage
      1. Prior to modification / development, the Team Member will modify the name of the report in their work area. The infoAdvantage Team Member will look at the report name suffix / report code and will enumerate based on sequence
        1. i.e. A new Expenditure Summary report must be created. The "latest" report is ES-011. Therefore, the new report will be named ES-012
  3. During the development of this new report, the infoAdvantage Team Member will:
    1. Ensure Statewide reporting standards are in place, including visual formatting and the inclusion of critical reporting elements for Audit purposes
      1. Part of this process includes the development of a "Cover Page"
    2. Develop this report with an iterative focus
      1. Several versions will be sent back and forth between the requester(s) and the infoAdvantage Team Member. The primary focus here is to make sure that the report is doing what has been functionally requested
  4. Validation / Approval
    1. After the report has reached a final iteration, it must be "Validated" by functional SME's (Subject Matter Experts)

1. Add CGC Process Change Form to the Univ Change process, perhaps in other section?