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CORE infoAdvantage Reporting Unit:
Master Procedures Manual

General Operations & Terminology

01 - Terminology & Definitions

The following is a quick reference guide of terms used within this Master Procedures Manual:

 Unit Supervisor The Financial Reporting Manager
 Unit Lead / infoAdvantage Lead / Lead The infoAdvantage Unit / Team Lead
WebIntelligence Document format of infoAdvantage reports 
 MigrationTransferring an element from NPD to PRD 
 NPDNon-Production (NPD / NPRD) Environment 
 PRDProduction (PRD) Environment 
 Validate / ValidatedTo test reports from a functional perspective to make sure data is represented accurately 
 LDCLabor Data Control (Labor-related data Universe and reports) 
 infoAdvantage Support MailboxSupport mailbox, can use or 

02 - Help Desk Procedures

The infoAdvantage adheres to the following procedures regarding incoming Support Request tickets:

  1. A support email is sent to the infoAdvantage Team's Help Desk mailbox. An email can be sent to or with any subject line.
  2. Team member opens the unread/unopened support inquiry, and assigns it to him/herself via a Gmail Label
  3. The team member troubleshoots the support inquiry with the support requester
  4. Upon successful resolution of the technical support inquiry, the infoAdvantage team member will assign the "Completed" tag and remove their own personal tag from the ticket/email thread
    1. Upon completion, the email thread should only remain with a "Complete" tag

03 - Departmental Access Procedure

The infoAdvantage application has both Statewide and Departmental report folders. Users are automatically granted access to the Statewide reports folder, but they are not automatically granted access to the Departmental folder for the Cabinet they belong to. In order to obtain such access, the following procedure must be followed:

  1. User enters infoAdvantage and realizes he/she does not have Departmental access.
  2. The user must email their supervisor, who in turn contacts the Cabinet Controller.
  3. If the request is to be granted, the Controller will forward/email the infoAdvantage Support Mailbox with explicit instructions to grant Departmental access for specific users. The Controller must spell out the user name(s) of the account(s) to be added.
In order to remove such access, the same process is followed in inverse. The Controller must simply email the infoAdvantage support mailbox and request that a user's access be revoked. 

04 - LDC Access Procedure

All Colorado infoAdvantage users are automatically granted access to all Statewide reports, but LDC report access is not automatically granted. In order to obtain LDC access, the following procedure must be followed:

  1. A user is aware he/she does not have LDC access.
  2. The user must email his/her supervisor, who in turn will contact their Cabinet Controller
  3. The Controller must email the infoAdvantage Support Mailbox, explicitly granting access to the LDC folder.

05 - infoAdvantage Roles & Access Levels